-- Old News --

6/10/97: New Black Tiger emulator from Ishmair with OPL3 sound.

6/7/97: Sorry for the slow updates; I have really no time right now...
New MAME 0.23.1 with bugfixes only.
Marc Lafontaine's MAME with incredible support for Williams games.
MageX 0.5 with added Gyruss and Galaga support and sound on lots of games.

6/2/97 :MAME 0.23: Kung Fu Master, Stargate, Robotron, Joust and Qix support.
Music in Commando, G&G, Diamond Run. Playable Seicross and Mad Planets.

Updated Ghosts & Goblins and Diamond Run emulators, with crash fixes.

5/30/97: Updated Ghosts & Goblins and Diamond Run emulators, now with FM sound!

5/27/97: Sage 1.15 has Galaga, and the best Ghost and Goblins right now.
Exed Exes on the menu too, but still not playable.

All the Galaga emulators look identical to me; which one do you think is the best?
Or faster? I have a Pentium 166 and all three run at full speed.
I'm rating them in order of appearance right now.

5/26/97: New MAME 0.22 with Commando, Ghosts and Goblins, Vulgus
and Diamond Run support and some fixes (Star for Time Pilot).

5/23/97: Rock-ulator 0.89a with sound fixes in Fantasy and Nibbler.

5/19/97: New Diamond Run and updated Ghosts and Goblins.

GEM: another Ghosts and Goblins emulator.

5/18/97: 10,000 HITS REACHED!!!

5/17/97: Rock-ulator 0.89 fixes sound in all games.

5/16/97: Sage 1.14 adds near perfect Commando support.
MAME 0.21.5: fixes on crashes, Jungle King and Elevator Action.

5/15/97: New Ghosts and Goblins emulator!!

5/13/97: MAME 0.21: Kangaroo, Galaga, Super Pacman!
M-ulator 0.11 adds playable Bosconian.
Rock-ulator 0.88a: correct color support for all games without PROMs.
Replay 0.03 has over 20 games now.

5/9/97: Sage 1.13 adds 1942 support.

5/8/97: Rock-ulator 0.88 with colors PROMs support for Nibbler and Fantasy.

5/6/97: Updated Multi Gauntlet Emulator: sound support and other new features.

5/5/97: MAME 0.20 is out!! Gyruss, Krull, playable Popeye and other fixes.
Updated Rock-ulator. New M-ulator: Galaga with sound support earns the Star!!

5/1/97: Final release of Rem! Rygar emulator (Star of Excellence)
and new Xcade (still not referenced in most games).

4/30/97: Updated 1942 Emulator with arcade perfect colors.
Rock-ulator 0.86 (aka Vanguard Emulator).

4/29/97: Updated Vulgus emulator (better scrolling).

4/28/97: Vanguard Emulator 0.85 adds Nibbler and Fantasy support.

4/27/97: MAME 0.19: 1942, Arabian, WarpWarp, Popeye (bootleg) and Reactor.
New MCemu (Missile Command) with sound support.

4/21/97: New Vulgus emulator. Updated Vanguard and Rygar.

4/20/97: New MAME 0.18!! (Nicola's last update; Mirko Buffoni will continue the project):
New Mouse Trap, Pepper II, Jungle King, Elevator Action, Space Panic, Seicross.
Lady Bug gets the Star of Excellence (10 stars!!). Sage 1.12 adds Mr. Do support.

4/19/97: Better Galaga emulation (M-ulator 0.05)

4/18/97: 1942 emulator updated (better palette, faster).

4/17/97: Updated Bomb Jack emulator (1.1).
Better INI for Star Hawk. Both players' controls OK! :-)

4/16/97: Added a playable INI for Star Hawk on Cinemu 1.0
Two big surprises: new Qix and Naught Boy emulators.

4/14/97: MAME 0.17!!! (2nd update in the same day):
Q*Bert (with sound), Mad Planets and better Green Beret support.

New Cinematronic Emu 1.0: all 13 Cinematronics vector games supported;
I did not know most of these games; please tell me if there are bugs or not.

MAME 0.16!! New support for Green Beret, Fantasy, Fantazia, Venture;
better support for Burger Time, Carnival, Jump Bug, Vanguard, Mario Bros,
Donkey Kong 3, Wizard of Wor; sound in Space Invaders and clones.
Burger Time gets the Star of Excellence (MAME has 9 stars now!!).

4/13/97: New MCemu (Missile Command) with mouse support and various additions.
Preliminary support for Space Firebird and Scramble (SAGE 1.11).

4/12/97: Rygar updated (Rem! 0.9a).

4/11/97: New SAGE 1.10a (completely rewritten, lots of bug fixes).
New Vanguard 0.7 with preliminary sound support.

4/8/97: I decided to give the Star of Excellence to emus without joystick support
for games that had no joystick but keys; they are Space Invaders (MIE),
Space Duel and Gravitar (EMU). Also a star for Centipede to Sparcade;
it seems Sparcade's sound is closer to the original cabinet, MAME's to the raw board
(please confirm this if you have access to the original arcade game).
Other stars to MAME for Bomb Jack and Pengo (high score support as Sergio's emu
but more available video modes). MAME has 8 Stars now!!

Thanks to Steve Ellenoff for the new screen shots and to really lots of people
for support, suggestions, answers and positive feedback.

4/7/97: New Missile Command Emu (MCemu): better video mode, still no sound.

4/6/97: MAME 0.15!! Sound support and high score saving added on many games.
Bomb Jack (MAME) gets the Star of Excellence.

4/5/97: SAGE 1.04: Moon Cresta, War of the Bugs and Japirem support.

4/4/97: New MageX 0.4 (Win95): Lots of games updated. Not playable Dig Dug too.
New Multiple Invaders Emulator gets the lead, but I'd like joystick support;
I know Space Invaders had no joystick... but no PC keyboard too ;-)

4/3/97: New MAME 0.14: Sound on Donkey Kong, Vanguard.
Rishgar 0.91 (Rygar).

4/1/97: New Xcade emulator (early version): only Omega Race (not playable) added.
SAGE 1.02 bugfix only release.

3/31/97: Updated Burger Time, Phoenix, Zaxxon and Moon Patrol (MAME 0.13).
Updates on Rygar (Rishgar) and Vanguard.

3/30/97: New SAGE: Galaxian, Space Invaders, Phoenix and variants.
Jump Bug is playable.

3/28/97: New Rygar and Kung Fu Master emulators.

3/25/97: 1942, Nemesis and Xevious updated.
Replay 0.02 updates Burger Time, Pacman and Ms Pacman and adds Super Pacman.

3/24/97: Birth of "Eclipse Arcade Emulator Page"
I know there are lots of errors.. just give me some time to fix'em. ;-)

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