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Total Emulated Arcade Games (excluding clones): 246

Welcome! This page is dedicated to FREEWARE/SHAREWARE arcade emulators that run under MS-DOS and/or WINDOWS. Check also Dave's Video Game Classics, Atmospherical Heights, Moose's Domain, The PC Arcade, Arcadomania, Glow's Arcade, Free Play, Node 99 for news about emulation; then, take a stop at my homepage.

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Please e-mail comments, suggestions, corrections, news and... beta and unrealeased emulators to test ;-)

I'm NOT distributing ROMs for these emulators.
Any request for ROMs or unreleased beta emulators will be ignored.

DISCLAIMER: The arcade games these emulators are written for are under copyright and it is illegal to play them unless you own the actual machine or have permission from the copyright holders. DO NOT distribute any emulator with ROMs! These emulators are distributed without ROMs and don't violate those copyrights.

All these emulators are under copyright of the respective authors. You CANNOT charge money for them!